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93AA86A Datasheet(PDF) 5 Page - Microchip Technology

Part No. 93AA86A
Description  16K Microwire Compatible Serial EEPROM
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Maker  MICROCHIP [Microchip Technology]
Homepage  http://www.microchip.com

93AA86A Datasheet(HTML) 5 Page - Microchip Technology

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© 2005 Microchip Technology Inc.
DS21797G-page 5
93AA86A/B/C, 93LC86A/B/C, 93C86A/B/C
When the ORG pin (93XX86C) is connected to VCC,
the (x16) organization is selected. When it is connected
to ground, the (x8) organization is selected. Instruc-
tions, addresses and write data are clocked into the DI
pin on the rising edge of the clock (CLK). The DO pin is
normally held in a High-Z state except when reading
data from the device, or when checking the Ready/
Busy status during a programming operation. The
Ready/Busy status can be verified during an Erase/
Write operation by polling the DO pin; DO low indicates
that programming is still in progress, while DO high
indicates the device is ready. DO will enter the High-Z
state on the falling edge of CS.
Start Condition
The Start bit is detected by the device if CS and DI are
both high with respect to the positive edge of CLK for
the first time.
Before a Start condition is detected, CS, CLK and DI
may change in any combination (except to that of a
Start condition), without resulting in any device
operation (Read, Write, Erase, EWEN, EWDS, ERAL
or WRAL). As soon as CS is high, the device is no
longer in Standby mode.
An instruction following a Start condition will only be
executed if the required opcode, address and data bits
for any particular instruction are clocked in.
Data In/Data Out (DI/DO)
It is possible to connect the Data In and Data Out pins
together. However, with this configuration it is possible
for a “bus conflict” to occur during the “dummy zero”
that precedes the read operation, if A0 is a logic high
level. Under such a condition the voltage level seen at
Data Out is undefined and will depend upon the relative
impedances of Data Out and the signal source driving
A0. The higher the current sourcing capability of the
driver, the higher the voltage at the Data Out pin. In
order to limit this current, a resistor should be
connected between DI and DO.
Data Protection
All modes of operation are inhibited when VCC is below
a typical voltage of 1.5V for ‘93AA’ and ‘93LC’ devices
or 3.8V for ‘93C’ devices.
The EWEN and EWDS commands give additional
protection against accidentally programming during
normal operation.
After power-up the device is automatically in the EWDS
mode. Therefore, an EWEN instruction must be
performed before the initial ERASE or WRITE instruction
can be executed.
When preparing to transmit an instruction,
either the CLK or DI signal levels must be
at a logic low as CS is toggled active high.
command should be performed after
every write operation and an external 10
Ω pull-down protection resistor should be
added to the CS pin.
To prevent accidental writes to the array in
the 93XX86C devices, set the PE pin to a
logic low.

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