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640931-2 Datasheet(PDF) 2 Page - TE Connectivity Ltd

Part # 640931-2
Description  Ultra-Fast Fully Insulated FASTON Receptacles and Tabs
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Manufacturer  TEC [TE Connectivity Ltd]
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640931-2 Datasheet(HTML) 2 Page - TE Connectivity Ltd

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Catalog 82004
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Ultra-Fast Fully Insulated FASTON Receptacles and Tabs (Continued)
FASTON Terminals (Insulated and Uninsulated)
Test Specifications
The following information and accompanying graphs are
taken from TE Product Qualification Testing of Ultra-Fast
FASTON product. Tests were conducted on representative
production samples, and all values shown are averages of
group results. The values shown are typical results and
may vary due to differences in processing, application and
methods of testing.
The heat generated by the current passing through
a termination is a primary limit to the load-carrying
capabilities of the application. A low termination resistance
will produce a lower temperature rise as current is applied.
In order to evaluate this characteristic, UL has established
current ratings for each wire size and set a maximum
temperature rise to assure safe operation. For example, 16
AWG stranded wire has a UL 310 maximum temperature
rise of 30°C above ambient temperature at the rated current
of 10 amps. In the testing of the Ultra-Fast FASTON product
applied to 16 AWG wire, the temperature rise was found to
be below 10°C at the rated current. In fact, the temperature
rise did not exceed 30°C until the current was above 20
amps, more than twice the rated current.
Maintaining a safe temperature rise during cyclic
applications of excessive current is the toughest challenge
for the crimp-thru-plastic concept. The ability of the
Ultra-Fast FASTON product line to meet this goal sets it
apart from other preinsulated terminations. TE’s experience
in crimp development results in a termination that exhibits
stable heating characteristics which are well within the
safety requirements of the industry.
The forces caused by the rolls of FASTON style terminals
determine the contact interface integrity of a mated
receptacle and tab. These forces must be high enough to
prevent oxidation and corrosion from forming inside the
contact area. As these forces are raised to increase the
electrical performance, the engagement and separation
forces for mating the contacts are significantly increased.
For this reason, the Premier Low Insertion Force FASTON
concept of receptacle design has been carried over to the
Ultra-Fast FASTON products. This feature provides
consistent engagement and separation forces while
maintaining a high standard of electrical reliability.
The crimp tensile strength of a wire-to-terminal connection
is important in guarding against such hazards as wire
flexing, vibration and wire strain. However, maximum tensile
strength does not insure maximum electrical performance.
An acceptable compromise between tensile strength and
electrical performance must always be reached, using
recommended crimp heights.
UL does not have requirements for wire gauges below 22 AWG.
Note: Minimum requirements are per TE specifications.
To test a product, it must be subjected to 500 on and off
cycles at twice the rated current for the particular wire size.
The temperature rise is measured on the 24th cycle and
the 500th cycle. The maximum temperature rise is limited
to 85°C above ambient temperature with a maximum of
15°C increase on any sample between the 24th and 500th
cycles. Our testing of 16 AWG wire application indicated a
25.5°C maximum temperature rise up to 500 cycles, with a
maximum increase of 0.8°C from the 24th to the 500th
cycle for one sample in the test group.
Current vs. Temperature Rise (16 AWG)
Current Cycling vs. Temperature Rise (16 AWG)
Crimp Tensile

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