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TDS3012B Datasheet(PDF) 5 Page - List of Unclassifed Manufacturers

Part No. TDS3012B
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Maker  ETC1 [List of Unclassifed Manufacturers]

TDS3012B Datasheet(HTML) 5 Page - List of Unclassifed Manufacturers

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Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes • www.tektronix.com/tds3000b
Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes
TDS3012B • TDS3014B • TDS3024B • TDS3032B • TDS3034B • TDS3044B • TDS3052B • TDS3054B • TDS3064B
Acquisition Modes
DPO – Captures and displays complex waveforms,
random events and subtle patterns in actual signal
behavior. DPOs are able to provide 3 dimensions of
signal information in real time: Amplitude, time and
the distribution of amplitude over time.
Peak Detect – High frequency and random glitch
capture. Captures glitches as narrow as 1 ns.
WaveAlert® – Monitors the incoming signals on all
channels and alerts the user to any waveform that
deviates from the normal waveform being acquired.
Sample – Sample data only.
Envelope – Max/Min values acquired over one or
more acquisitions.
Average – Waveform data from 2 to
512 (selectable) acquisitions is averaged.
Single Sequence – Use the Single Sequence
button to capture a single triggered acquisition
sequence at a time.
Trigger System
Main Trigger Modes – Auto (supports Roll Mode
for 40 ms/div and slower), Normal.
B Trigger – Trigger after time or events.
Trigger After Time Range – 13.2 ns to 50 s.
Trigger After Events Range –
1 to 9,999,999 events.
External Trigger Input – >1 M
Ω in parallel with
17 pF; Max input voltage is 150 V
Trigger Types
Edge – Conventional level-driven trigger. Positive or
negative slope on any channel. Coupling selec-
tions: DC, noise reject, HF reject, LF reject.
Video – Trigger on all lines, odd, even or all fields.
With TDS3VID or TDS3SDI, trigger on individual
lines and on analog HDTV formats (1080i, 1080p,
720p, 480p).
Logic –
PATTERN: Specifies AND, OR, NAND, NOR when true
or false for a specific time.
STATE: Any logic state. Triggerable on rising or falling
edge of a clock. Logic triggers can be used on
combinations of 2 inputs (not 4).
Pulse –
WIDTH (or GLITCH): Trigger on pulse width less
than, greater than, equal to or not equal to a
selectable time limit ranging from 39.6 ns to 50 s.
RUNT: Trigger on a pulse that crosses one threshold
but fails to cross a second threshold before crossing
the first again.
SLEW RATE: Trigger on pulse edge rates that are
either faster or slower than a set rate. Edges can be
rising, falling, or either.
Comm (requires TDS3TMT) – Provides isolated
pulse triggering required to perform DS1/DS3
telecommunications mask testing per
ANSI T1.102 standard.
Alternate – Sequentially uses each active channel
as a trigger source.
Measurement System
Automatic Waveform Measurements –
Period, Frequency, +Width, –Width, Rise Time,
Fall Time, +Duty Cycle, –Duty Cycle, +Overshoot,
–Overshoot, High, Low, Max, Min, Peak-to-Peak,
Amplitude, Mean, Cycle Mean, RMS, Cycle RMS,
Burst Width, Delay, Phase, Area*2, Cycle Area*2.
Display any four measurements from any combina-
tion of waveforms. Or display all measurements with
measurement snapshot feature. Measurement
Thresholds – Settable in percentage or voltage.
Gating – Measurements can be gated using the
screen or vertical cursors.
*2 Requires TDS3AAM module.
TDS3000B DPO provides breakthrough test
speeds for telecommunications line card
testing. The telecom QUICKMENU puts all
the commonly used telecom testing
functions on a single menu.
Custom video trigger allows the TDS3000B
to trigger on standards such as RS343
(26.2 kHz scan rate).
Trace and identify ITU-R BT.601 video
signals with the TDS3SDI 601 Serial
Digital Video Module.

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