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LM4549A Datasheet(PDF) 24 Page - National Semiconductor (TI)

[Old version datasheet] Texas Instruments acquired National semiconductor.
Part No. LM4549A
Description  AC ’97 Rev 2.1 Codec with Sample Rate Conversion and National 3D Sound
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Maker  NSC [National Semiconductor (TI)]
Homepage  http://www.national.com

LM4549A Datasheet(HTML) 24 Page - National Semiconductor (TI)

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Register Descriptions (Continued)
This read/write register provides status and control of the
variable sample rate capabilities in the LM4549A. Setting the
LSB of this register to "1" enables Variable Rate Audio (VRA)
mode and allows DAC and ADC sample rates to be pro-
grammed via registers 2Ch and 32h respectively.
*0 = VRA off (Frame-rate sampling)
1 = VRA on
Default: 0000h
These read/write registers are used to set the sample rate
for the left and right channels of the DAC (PCM DAC Rate,
2Ch) and the ADC (PCM ADC Rate, 32h). When Variable
Rate Audio is enabled via bit 0 of the Extended Audio
Control/Status register (2Ah), the sample rates can be pro-
grammed, in 1 Hz increments, to be any value from 4 kHz to
48 kHz. The value required is the hexadecimal representa-
tion of the desired sample rate, e.g. 8000
10 = 1F40h. Below
is a list of the most common sample rates and the corre-
sponding register (hex) values.
Common Sample Rates
Sample Rate (Hz)
These two read-only (4E53h, 4349h) registers contain Na-
tional’s Vendor ID and National’s LM45xx codec version
designation. The first 24 bits (4Eh, 53h, 43h) represent the
three ASCII characters “NSC” which is National’s Vendor ID
for Microsoft’s Plug and Play. The last 8 bits are the two
binary coded decimal characters, 4, 9 and identify the codec
to be an LM4549A
Do not write to reserved registers. In particular, do not write
to registers 24h, 5Ah, 74h and 7Ah. All registers not listed in
the LM4549A Register Map are reserved. Reserved regis-
ters will return 0000h if read.
Low Power Modes
The LM4549A provides 6 bits to control the powerdown state
of internal analog and digital subsections and clocks. It also
provides one bit intended to control an external analog
power amplifier. These 7 bits (PR0 – PR5, EAPD) are lo-
cated in the 8 MSBs of the Powerdown Control/Status reg-
ister, 26h. The status of the four main analog subsections is
given by the 4 LSBs in the same register, 26h.
The powerdown bits are implemented in compliance with AC
’97 Rev 2.1 to support the standard device power manage-
ment states D0 – D3 as defined in the ACPI and PCI Bus
Power Management Specification.
PR0 controls the powerdown state of the ADC and associ-
ated sampling rate conversion circuitry. PR1 controls power-
down for the DAC and the DAC sampling rate conversion
circuitry. PR2 powers down the mixer circuits (MIX1, MIX2,
National 3D Sound, Mono Out, Line Out). PR3 powers down
REF in addition to all the same mixer circuits as PR2. PR4
powers down the AC Link Digital Interface – see Figure 8 for
signal powerdown timing. PR5 disables internal clocks but
leaves the crystal oscillator and BIT_CLK running (needed
for minimum Primary mode powerdown dissipation in multi-
codec systems). PR6 is not used. EAPD controls the Exter-
nal Amplifier PowerDown pin (pin 47).
After a subsection has undergone a powerdown cycle, the
appropriate status bit(s) in the Powerdown Control/Status
register (26h) must be polled to confirm readiness. In par-
ticular the startup time of the V
REF circuitry depends on the
value of the decoupling capacitors on pin 27 (3.3 µF, 0.1 µF
in parallel is recommended).
When the AC Link Digital Interface is powered down the
codec output signals SDATA_IN and BIT_CLK (Primary
mode) are cleared to zero and no control data can be passed
between controller and codec(s). This powerdown state can
be cleared in two ways: Cold Reset (RESET# = 0) or Warm
Reset (SYNC = 1, no BIT_CLK). Cold Reset sets all regis-
ters back to their default values (including clearing PR4)
whereas Warm Reset only clears the PR4 bit and restarts
the AC Link Digital Interface leaving all register contents
otherwise unaffected. For Warm Reset (see Timing Dia-
grams), the SYNC input is used asynchronously. The
LM4549A codec allows the AC Link digital interface power-
down state to be cleared immediately so that its duration can
be essentially as short as T
SH, the Warm Reset pulse width.
However for conformance with AC ’97 Rev 2.1, Warm Reset
should not be applied within four frame times of powerdown
i.e. the AC Link powerdown state should be allowed to last at
least 82.8 µs.

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