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SMC-4DL-PE Datasheet(PDF) 1 Page - Contec Co., Ltd

Part # SMC-4DL-PE
Description  Motion Controller Board for PCI Express
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Manufacturer  CONTEC [Contec Co., Ltd]
Direct Link  https://www.contec.com/
Logo CONTEC - Contec Co., Ltd

SMC-4DL-PE Datasheet(HTML) 1 Page - Contec Co., Ltd

  SMC-4DL-PE Datasheet HTML 1Page - Contec Co., Ltd SMC-4DL-PE Datasheet HTML 2Page - Contec Co., Ltd SMC-4DL-PE Datasheet HTML 3Page - Contec Co., Ltd SMC-4DL-PE Datasheet HTML 4Page - Contec Co., Ltd SMC-4DL-PE Datasheet HTML 5Page - Contec Co., Ltd SMC-4DL-PE Datasheet HTML 6Page - Contec Co., Ltd  
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High-speed line driver output 4-Axes
Motion Controller Board for PCI Express
* Specifications, color and design of the products are subject to
change without notice.
This product is a PCI Express board that supports stepping
motors and (“pulse string input” types of) servomotors.
SMC-4DL-PE can perform motor control for up to 4 axes.
This product has the functions for positioning, origin return, linear
interpolation, and for S-curve acceleration and deceleration,
capable of multi-axial linear interpolation and speed/position
This product covers a wide range of applications including
semiconductor equipment, test instruments, multi-axis robots,
and X-Y robots.
These various functions make it possible to build complex
positioning control systems for variety of uses such as
manufacturing devices and test devices.
About Migration From The Existing Products
This product cannot use [API-SMC(98/PC)] (Disk attached) which is the
driver software for the existing products SMC-2P(PCI), SMC-4P(PCI),
and SMC-3(PC).
[API-SMC(98/PC)] (bundled Disk) cannot be used.
Please use [API-SMC(WDM)] (bundled Disk) which is the driver software
for this product.
As a reference material when migrating from the
existing products to
this product, “Migration guide” which summarizes
migration methods and differences about initial settings and API function
units is provided.
Please use the guide for your reference.
“Migration guide” can be downloaded from the download library of
’s Web site (http://www.contec.com/download)
Capable of multi-axis independent control and pulse output
up to 9.8Mpps
Control for up to 4 axes and motor control pulse output up to
9.8Mpps are available.
Command pulse for motor control supports common pulse,
independent pulse and 90°C phase difference pulse.
Limit input 3channels/axis, general-purpose input 7channels/axis,
and general-purpose output 3channels/axis are equipped.
depending on the software setting, 5 general-purpose inputs can
be used as alarm inputs, and general-purpose outputs as
deviation counter clear outputs.
Capable of controlling the jogging at fixed speed or by
linear/S-curve acceleration and deceleration, positioning,
and origin returning
Carrying a motor control IC in the PCL6100 series from Nippon
Pulse Motor Co., Ltd., capable of controlling jogging, positioning,
origin returning, synchronization control and linear interpolation
Provided with various input/output formats enabling
connection to an encoder input circuit as well as pulse
output circuit.
Encoder input circuits can be connected with differential output,
TTL level output, and open-collector output.
Pulse output
circuits can be connected with differential input, opto-coupler and
TTL level input.
With the multi-axis synchronization control function,
of aligning the timing for operation start and end
Synchronization control of multi-axis simultaneous start/stop
control, linear interpolation operation is available.
Capable of speed and position overriding
Capable of changing the speed and target position during
Comparator circuits allowing the set value and counter value
to be compared
A pair of comparator circuits is provided for each axis, allowing
the set value and counter value to be compared with each other.
They also allow signals to be output while comparator conditions
are met.
Provided with seven general-purpose input pins and three
general-purpose output pins per axis
Seven general-purpose inputs are provided for each axis, five of
which are also available as alarm, positioning completion,
deceleration stop, counter latch, and positioning start inputs.
Logic can be changed by software.
Three output pins are provided for each axis.
The output
signals can be switched among alarm clear output, driver
deviation clear output and comparator output by the software.
Logic can be changed by software.
Dedicated terminal strip CCB-SMC2 (option) available
focusing on the ease of use for wiring
A dedicated terminal strip CCB-SMC2 (option) which assigns
signals for each axis is provided.
Driver units and limit sensors
for stepping motors and servo motors can be connected up to 4
Functions and connectors are compatible with PCI
compatible board SMC-4DL-PCI.
The functions same with PCI compatible board SMC-4DL-PCI
are provided.
In addition, as there is compatibility in terms of connector shape
and pin assignments, it is easy to migrate from the existing

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Contec Co., Ltd
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