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SARA-R5 Datasheet(PDF) 12 Page - u-blox AG

Part # SARA-R5
Description  LTE-M / NB-IoT modules with secure cloud
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Manufacturer  U-BLOX [u-blox AG]
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SARA-R5 Datasheet(HTML) 12 Page - u-blox AG

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SARA-R5 series - Data sheet
UBX-19016638 - R06
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2 Interfaces
2.1 Power management
Module supply input (VCC)
SARA-R5 series modules must be supplied through the VCC pins by a proper external DC power supply
providing a nominal voltage within the normal operating range (see Table 9). Voltage must be stable,
because during operation the current drawn from VCC may vary significantly, based on the power
consumption profile of the LTE Cat M1 and LTE Cat NB2 radio access technologies (described in the
SARA-R5 series system integration manual [2]).
The three VCC pins of SARA-R5 series modules are internally connected to both the internal Power
Amplifier and the internal Power Management Unit, which integrates voltage regulators generating
all the internal supply voltages needed by the module for the designed operations, as the supply
voltage for the generic digital interfaces (V_INT), the supply voltage for the SIM interface (VSIM), and
the supply voltage for the internal GNSS receiver.
It is important that the system power supply circuit is able to withstand the maximum pulse current
during a transmit burst at maximum power level (see Table 11).
Generic digital interfaces supply output (V_INT)
SARA-R5 series modules provide a 1.8 V supply rail output on the V_INT pin, which is internally
generated when the module is switched on. The same voltage domain is used internally to supply the
generic digital interfaces of the module. The V_INT supply output can be used in place of an external
discrete regulator.
It is recommended to provide accessible test point directly connected to the V_INT pin.
2.2 Antenna interface
Cellular antenna RF interface (ANT)
The ANT pin is the cellular RF antenna I/O interface, designed with 50  characteristic impedance.
2.2.2 GNSS antenna RF interface (ANT_GNSS)
The GNSS antenna RF interface is not supported by SARA-R500S and SARA-R510S modules.
The ANT_GNSS pin represents the GNSS RF input of the SARA-R510M8S modules, designed with
50  characteristic impedance and with an internal DC block, suitable for both active and/or passive
GNSS antennas due to the built-in SAW filter followed by an LNA in front of the integrated high
performing u-blox M8 concurrent positioning engine.
2.2.3 Antenna detection (ANT_DET)
The ANT_DET pin is an Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) input with a current source provided by
SARA-R5 series modules to sense the external antenna presence (as an optional feature), evaluating
the DC resistance to GND by means of an externally implemented circuit (for more details, see the
u-blox SARA-R5 series system integration manual [2] and the SARA-R5 series AT commands
manual [1]).

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