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SARA-R5 Datasheet(PDF) 10 Page - u-blox AG

Part # SARA-R5
Description  LTE-M / NB-IoT modules with secure cloud
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Manufacturer  U-BLOX [u-blox AG]
Direct Link  https://www.u-blox.com/
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SARA-R5 Datasheet(HTML) 10 Page - u-blox AG

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SARA-R5 series - Data sheet
UBX-19016638 - R06
Functional description
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Embedded AssistNow
Embedded AssistNow Online and AssistNow Offline clients are available to provide better GNSS
performance and faster Time-to-First-Fix. An AT command can enable / disable the clients.
Enables the estimation of device position based on the parameters of the mobile network cells
visible to the specific device based on the CellLocate® database.
CellLocate® is available via a set of AT commands for CellLocate® service configuration and
position request.
Hybrid Positioning
Provides the module’s current position using a u-blox positioning chip or module (external for
SARA-R500S / SARA-R510S, integrated UBX-M8 chip for SARA-R510M8S) or the estimated
position from CellLocate®, depending on which positioning method provides the best and
fastest solution according to the user configuration.
Hybrid positioning is implemented through a set of AT commands that allow the configuration
and the position request.
CellTime ™
Returns accurate timing retrieved from the LTE network and/or from the u-blox positioning chip
or module (external for SARA-R500S / SARA-R510S, integrated UBX-M8 chip for
Can be used to provide periodic time-stamps to an external application processor or to output a
time indication associated to an interrupt detected on a GPIO (e.g. coming from an external
sensor connected to the module).
The implementation of CellTime ™ can be extended to control and maintain timing info in a
network of sensors (each one integrating a SARA-R5 module).
Antenna dynamic tuning
Control via two GPIOs an external antenna matching IC according to the LTE band used by the
Embedded TCP and UDP
Embedded TCP/IP and UDP/IP stack including direct link mode for TCP and UDP sockets.
Sockets can be set in Direct Link mode to establish a transparent end-to-end communication
with an already connected TCP or UDP socket via the serial interface.
Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol as well as Secure Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol (SSL encryption)
functionalities are supported via AT commands.
File Transfer Protocol as well as Secure File Transfer Protocol (SSL encryption of FTP control
channel) functionalities are supported by means of AT commands.
Embedded Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) datagram-based client/server application
protocol designed to easily translate from HTTP for simplified integration with the web.
Embedded Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) and MQTT for Sensor Networks
(MQTT-SN) publish-subscribe messaging protocols designed for lightweight M2M
communications over TCP (MQTT) or over UDP (MQTT-SN). These allow one-to-one, one-to-
many and many-to-one communications over a TCP or UDP connection.
LwM2M with dynamically
loaded objects
The LwM2M is a light and compact communication protocol designed for managing IoT
machine-to-machine communication between a LwM2M Server and a LwM2M Client located in
lightweight, low power or resource-constrained LwM2M devices, with object data model.
SARA-R5 series modules allow customers to configure dynamically loaded run time objects,
defining necessary custom objects, creating instances of those objects as appropriate,
managing module LwM2M protocol stack to interact with the LwM2M server.
Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.2 provides security for HTTP, FTP, MQTT and TCP
Embedded Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) version 1.2 provides security for CoAP,
LwM2M, MQTT-SN and UDP communications.
Jamming detection
Detects “artificial” interference that obscures the operator’s carrier entitled to give access to
the radio service and automatically reports the start and stop of such conditions to the
application processor that can react accordingly.
Last gasp
In case of power supply outage (i.e. main supply interruption, battery removal, battery voltage
below a certain threshold) the cellular module can be configured to send an alarm notification to
a remote entity. The feature can be enabled and configured through the +ULGASP AT
Network status indication GPIO configured to indicate the network status: registered home network, registered roaming,
data call enabled, no service. The feature can be enabled through the +UGPIOC AT command.

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