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TS5204 Datasheet(PDF) 3 Page - Taiwan Semiconductor Company, Ltd

Part No. TS5204
Description  150mA Low Noise LDO Voltage Regulator
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Maker  TSC [Taiwan Semiconductor Company, Ltd]
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TS5204 Datasheet(HTML) 3 Page - Taiwan Semiconductor Company, Ltd

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TS5204 series
2004/09 rev. A
Application Information
Thermal Characteristics
TS5204 series is designed to provide 150mA of
continuous current in a very small package. Maximum
power dissipation can be calculated based on the
output current and the voltage drop across the part. To
determine the maximum power dissipation of the
package, use the junction-ambient thermal resistance of
the device and the following basic equation:
Pd(max) = [ Tj(max) – Ta ] /Θja
Tj(max) is the maximum junction temperature of the
oC), and Ta is the ambient operating
temperature. Θja is layout dependent, the actual power
dissipation of the regulator circuit can be determined
using the equation:
Pd = ( Vin – Vout ) * Iout + Vin * Ignd
Substituting Pd(max) for Pd and solving for the
operating conditions that are critical to the application
will give the maximum operating conditions for the
regulator circuit. For example, when operating the
TS5204CX33 at room temperature with a minimum
footprint layout, the maximum input voltage for a set
output current can be determined as follows:
Pd(max) = (125
oC – 25oC) / 220oC/W
Pd(max) = 455mW
The junction to ambient thermal resistance for the
minimum footprint is 220
oC/W, the maximum power
dissipation must not be exceeded for proper operation.
Using the output voltage of 3.3V and an output current
of 150mA, the maximum input voltage can be
determined. Formt eh electrical characteristics table, the
maximum ground current for 150mA output current is
445mW = ( Vin – 3.3V ) * 150mA + Vin * 2.5mA
445mW = Vin * 150mA – 3.3 * 150mA + Vin * 2.5mA
445mW = Vin * 150mA – 495mW + Vin * 2.5mA
950mW = Vin * 152.5mA
Vin(max) = 6.23v
Therefore, a 3.3V application at 150mA of output
current can accept a maximum input voltage of 6.23V in
a SOT-23 package.
Input Capacitor Requirement
An input capacitor of 1uF or greater is recommended
when the device is more than 10” away from the bulk
AC supply capacitance or when the supply is a battery.
Output Capacitor Requirement
The TS5204 series requires an output capacitor to
maintain stability and improve transient response is
necessary. 2.2uF minimum is recommended. Larger
values improve the regulator’s transient response. The
output capacitor value may be increased without limit.
The output capacitor should have an ESR (effective
series resistance) less than 5Ω and a resonant
frequency above 1MHz. Ultra low ESR capacitors can
cause a low amplitude oscillation on the output and/or
under damped transient response. Most of tantalum or
aluminum electrolytic capacitors are adequate; film
types will work. Since many aluminum electrolytic have
electrolytes that freeze at about –30
oC, solid tantalums
are recommended for operation below –25
oC. At lower
values of output current, less output capacitance is
required for output stability. The capacitor can be
reduced to 0.47uF for current below 10mA or 0.33uF
for currents below 1mA.
No Load Stability
The TS5204 series iwill remain stable and in regulation
with no load, unlike many other voltage regulators.
This is especially important in CMOS RAM keep alive
Dual Supply Operation
When used in dual supply systems where the regulator
load is returned to a negative supply, the output
voltage must be diode clamped to ground.

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