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S-80836CLMC-B6VT2X Datasheet(PDF) 56 Page - ABLIC Inc.

Part No. S-80836CLMC-B6VT2X
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Maker  ABLIC [ABLIC Inc.]
Homepage  https://www.ablic.com

S-80836CLMC-B6VT2X Datasheet(HTML) 56 Page - ABLIC Inc.

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Disclaimers (Handling Precautions)
1. All the information described herein (product data, specifications, figures, tables, programs, algorithms and application
circuit examples, etc.) is current as of publishing date of this document and is subject to change without notice.
2. The circuit examples and the usages described herein are for reference only, and do not guarantee the success of
any specific mass-production design.
ABLIC Inc. is not responsible for damages caused by the reasons other than the products described herein
(hereinafter "the products") or infringement of third-party intellectual property right and any other right due to the use
of the information described herein.
3. ABLIC Inc. is not responsible for damages caused by the incorrect information described herein.
4. Be careful to use the products within their specified ranges. Pay special attention to the absolute maximum ratings,
operation voltage range and electrical characteristics, etc.
ABLIC Inc. is not responsible for damages caused by failures and / or accidents, etc. that occur due to the use of the
products outside their specified ranges.
5. When using the products, confirm their applications, and the laws and regulations of the region or country where they
are used and verify suitability, safety and other factors for the intended use.
6. When exporting the products, comply with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act and all other export-related
laws, and follow the required procedures.
7. The products must not be used or provided (exported) for the purposes of the development of weapons of mass
destruction or military use. ABLIC Inc. is not responsible for any provision (export) to those whose purpose is to
develop, manufacture, use or store nuclear, biological or chemical weapons, missiles, or other military use.
8. The products are not designed to be used as part of any device or equipment that may affect the human body, human
life, or assets (such as medical equipment, disaster prevention systems, security systems, combustion control
systems, infrastructure control systems, vehicle equipment, traffic systems, in-vehicle equipment, aviation equipment,
aerospace equipment, and nuclear-related equipment), excluding when specified for in-vehicle use or other uses. Do
not apply the products to the above listed devices and equipments without prior written permission by ABLIC Inc.
Especially, the products cannot be used for life support devices, devices implanted in the human body and devices
that directly affect human life, etc.
Prior consultation with our sales office is required when considering the above uses.
ABLIC Inc. is not responsible for damages caused by unauthorized or unspecified use of our products.
9. Semiconductor products may fail or malfunction with some probability.
The user of the products should therefore take responsibility to give thorough consideration to safety design including
redundancy, fire spread prevention measures, and malfunction prevention to prevent accidents causing
injury or
death, fires and social damage, etc. that may ensue from the products' failure or malfunction.
The entire system must be sufficiently evaluated and applied on customer's own responsibility.
10. The products are not designed to be radiation-proof. The necessary radiation measures should be taken in the
product design by the customer depending on the intended use.
11. The products do not affect human health under normal use. However, they contain chemical substances and heavy
metals and should therefore not be put in the mouth. The fracture surfaces of wafers and chips may be sharp. Be
careful when handling these with the bare hands to prevent injuries, etc.
12. When disposing of the products, comply with the laws and ordinances of the country or region where they are used.
13. The information described herein contains copyright information and know-how of ABLIC Inc.
The information described herein does not convey any license under any intellectual property rights or any other
rights belonging to ABLIC Inc. or a third party. Reproduction or copying of the information from this document or any
part of this document described herein for the purpose of disclosing it to a third-party without the express permission
of ABLIC Inc. is strictly prohibited.
14. For more details on the information described herein, contact our sales office.

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