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PM29F004 Datasheet(PDF) 6 Page - PMC-Sierra, Inc

Part No. PM29F004
Description  4 Megabit (512K X 8) 5.0 Volt-Only CMOS Flash Memory
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Manufacturer  PMC [PMC-Sierra, Inc]
Direct Link  http://www.pmc-sierra.com
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PM29F004 Datasheet(HTML) 6 Page - PMC-Sierra, Inc

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Programmable Microelectronics Corp.
Issue Date: November, 2000 Rev: 1.0
Pm29F004 Preliminary
The memory array is organized into seven blocks:
one 16 Kbytes boot block, two 8 Kbytes parameter
blocks, one 96 Kbytes and three 128 Kbytes main
blocks. A block erase operation allows to erase any
individual block. Pre-programs the block is not required
prior to block erase operation. If the boot block lockout
feature is enable, the block erase command attempts
to erase the boot block will be ignored. The block erase
command is similar to chip erase command except for
the last bus cycle command where the block addresses
are used to select the block for erasure and the input
data to the I/Os is 30h. Each block erase operation
erases one block. Block erase and chip erase are both
internally controlled and timed.
The programming is a four-bus-cycle operation
and the data is programmed into the device (to a logical
“0”) on a byte-by-byte basis. Please see Software Com-
mand Definition in Table 4. A program operation is ac-
tivated by writing the three-byte command sequence
followed by one byte of data into the device. The ad-
dress are latched on the falling edge of WE# or CE#
whichever occurs later, and the data is latched on the
rising edge of WE# or CE#, whichever occurs first. The
internal control logic automatically handles the internal
programming voltages and timing.
A data “0” can not be programmed back to a “1”.
Only erase operation can convert “0”s to “1”s. The Data#
Polling of I/O7 or Toggle Bit of I/O6 can be used to de-
tect when the programming operation is completed.
The entire memory array can be erased through
a chip erase operation. Pre-programs the device is not
required prior to chip erase operation. Chip erase starts
after a six-bus-cycle chip erase command sequence.
All commands will be ignored once the chip erase
operation has started. The device will return back to
read mode after the completion of chip erase. When
the boot block lockout feature is enabled, the boot block
will not be erased during a chip erase operation. Only
the parameter blocks and the main blocks will be erased.
The Pm29F004 provides Data# Polling feature to
indicate the process or the completion of a program or
erase cycle. During a program cycle, an attempt to read
the device will result in the complement of the last loaded
data on I/O7. Once the program cycle is completed,
the true data of the last loaded data is valid on all out-
puts. During a block or chip erase operation, an attempt
to read the device will result a “0” on I/O7. After the
erase cycle is completed, an attempt to read the device
will result a “1” on I/O7.
The Pm29F004 also provides Toggle Bit feature
as a method to detect the process or the end of a pro-
gram or erase cycle. During a program or erase opera-
tion, an attempt to read data from the device will result
in I/O6 toggling between “1” and “0”. When the program
or erase operation is complete, I/O6 will stop toggling
and valid data will be read. Toggle bit may be accessed
at any time during a program or erase cycle.
Hardware data protection protects the device from
unintentional erase or program operation. It is performed
in the following ways: (a) VCC sense: if VCC is below 3.8
V (typical), the program function is inhibited. (b) Write
inhibit: holding any of the signal OE# low, CE# high or
WE# high inhibits a write cycle. (c) Noise filter: pulses
of less than 20 ns (typical) on the WE# or CE# inputs
will not initiate a write cycle.

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