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100002353 Datasheet(PDF) 2 Page - MKS Instruments.

Part No. 100002353
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Manufacturer  MKS [MKS Instruments.]
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100002353 Datasheet(HTML) 2 Page - MKS Instruments.

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Dimensional Drawing —
Dimensions are nominal value in inches (millimeters referenced).
The Controller
The 937B controller is designed for versatility, reliability
and economy. The large, easy to read, liquid crystal display
provides readout for up to six sensors simultaneously.
The back lit LCD display, intuitive menus and simple push
button front panel, allows for ease in setup of the 937B.
The 937B, enables the use of any sensor card in each of
the sensor card slots. The 937B can be configured with
up to three hot or cold cathode type gauges, or three dual
sensor cards for a maximum of six gauge connections.
Set Points
Twelve independently adjustable set points are standard.
This allows for the automation of process related functions.
The set point values are nonvolatile and remain unchanged
after power down or power failure. They are easily viewed
and configured in the channel set up screen. The 937B
also includes an adjustable control set point that turns the
cold cathode or hot cathode gauges power off or on, at the
desired pressures, extending the sensor’s life.
Leak Test
The leak test mode includes a bar graph and variable
audible alert to assist in locating leaks within a system.
The function operates with the cold cathode, hot cathode,
Pirani, and convection sensors. By taking advantage
of differences in tracer gas sensitivity, this provides an
excellent tool for helping locate coarse system leaks.
Analog Output Signals
The controller provides analog output signals accessible
on the rear panel connector. Three types of analog signals
are available. Unprocessed analog signals are used to
provide the fastest response times. The logarithmic output
voltages are scaled so that 0.6 Volts equals one decade of
pressure. Combination output can be created by combining
up to three sensors with a combined range from 10-11 to
20,000 Torr.
Digital Signals
In addition to analog outputs, the 937B communicates
digitally for direct computer communication with built in
connections for RS232 or RS485. A communication slot
in the 937B chassis accepts an optional Profibus DPV1
board. The 937B can communicate with a host computer
using either of these ports. Remote control of set points
and cold cathode high voltage disable are some of the
many features available with communications options.
Pirani Sensors
In Pirani-type sensors, vacuum measurement is based on
thermal conductivity of the gas. The sensor tube contains
a fine wire that is maintained at a constant temperature.
Heat transferred from the wire relates to the amount of gas
present and is used to indicate pressure. There are two
types of Pirani tubes that can be run on the 937B. Both the
standard and convection enhanced Pirani’s are shielded
and CE approved.
Convectron® Pirani – Series 275
MKS Convectron® gauges have been the world-standard
convection-enhanced Pirani gauge for over 35 years and
are used in thousands of vacuum processes to accurately
measure pressure from atmosphere to 10-3 Torr. To assure
the highest level of accuracy and gauge-to-gauge
reproducibility, every Convectron gauge is individually
calibrated at the factory, thereby making controller
adjustment unnecessary.
Standard Pirani - Series 345
The Standard Pirani sensor will read continuously from
5x10-4 Torr to 100 Torr. Pressure readings above 100 Torr
read as 200 Torr, 400 Torr, and Atmosphere. The sensor
has a greater signal output at the high vacuum end of its
range, providing an added half decade of reading, down to
5x10-4 Torr.
The Pirani platinum filament ensures compatibility with
a wide array of process gases. Only UHV compatible
materials are exposed to vacuum. The 345 Pirani sensor is
shielded for use where CE marking is a requirement and
has a standard 9-pin D-sub connector.
Convection Enhanced Pirani - Series 317
The convection Pirani style sensor design enhances heat
transfer through convection at higher pressures. This
sensor will read continuously with full resolution from
1x10-3 Torr to 1,000 Torr, providing a continuous readout
above 100 Torr. A 250°C bakeable version is available
upon request.

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