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100006734 Datasheet(PDF) 3 Page - MKS Instruments.

Part No. 100006734
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Manufacturer  MKS [MKS Instruments.]
Direct Link  https://www.mksinst.com/
Logo MKS - MKS Instruments.

100006734 Datasheet(HTML) 3 Page - MKS Instruments.

  100006734 Datasheet HTML 1Page - MKS Instruments. 100006734 Datasheet HTML 2Page - MKS Instruments. 100006734 Datasheet HTML 3Page - MKS Instruments. 100006734 Datasheet HTML 4Page - MKS Instruments. 100006734 Datasheet HTML 5Page - MKS Instruments. 100006734 Datasheet HTML 6Page - MKS Instruments. 100006734 Datasheet HTML 7Page - MKS Instruments. 100006734 Datasheet HTML 8Page - MKS Instruments.  
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rates. The hot cathode gauge calibration depends on the
gas type, because ionization probability differs for each
gas. The dependence makes it possible to use the hot
cathode gauge as a leak detector.
Cold Cathode Sensors
In a cold cathode gauge, ionization is the result of a high
voltage discharge of electrons. Sensitivity is enhanced by
a magnetic field. Cold cathode gauges are rugged sensors
without filaments to break or burnout.
There are two cold cathode gauges: the Series 431 and
the I-Mag®. All inverted magnetron designs include an
isolated collector. This dual feed through approach makes
the MKS cold cathode less susceptible to contamination
and allows for a wide pressure measurement range.
The I-Mag Cold Cathode Sensor provides a lower cost
alternative to the 431 where high operating temperature is
not important. The sensor is more compact, less expensive
and easier to maintain. If bakeout is required, the magnets
and sensor connectors can be removed and the sensor
can be baked to 400°C.
In addition, we provide a variety of customized gauges to
suit specific customer needs. This includes special sensors
for many semiconductor processes as well as high energy
physics facilities. We have special versions of the 431 that
will operate at 250°C or that can be used in high radiation
Capacitance Manometers
Capacitance manometers supported by the 937B controller
include the MKS Baratron® Series 722, 626 and 627D.
Capacitance manometers measure pressure directly by
measuring the deflection of a thin Inconel® diaphragm.
Capacitance manometers are widely known for their
accuracy and reliability and are available in Full-Scale
ranges from 20,000 Torr to 0.02 Torr with three decades of
reading when connected to the 937B.
Absolute Piezo Transducer
The Series 902B Piezo transducer combines the pressure
measurement technology of a Piezo sensor with an
integrated electronic control circuit. The 902B Piezo is an
absolute direct reading sensor, allowing the measurement
to be gas independent. The sensor includes a unique
temperature compensation, allowing for high accuracy over
a wide measurement range (10 to 1,000 Torr). The Series
902B Piezo is used in conjunction with the capacitance
manometer card.
Hot Cathode Sensors
Hot cathode vacuum measurement is based on the
ionization probability of a gas in a defined volume. Hot
cathode sensors are Bayard-Alpert style, which utilizes a
fine wire collector located in the center of a grid. Because
of its small area, few x-rays hit the collector and the gauge
can measure pressures to very low levels. The Series
Nude Hot Cathode sensor. Both sensors will measure from
10-2 to 10-10 Torr and include dual filaments for reduced
Mini Ion Gauge
the older glass BA gauge. It is significantly smaller than a
glass gauge, but has the same fitting options, so it is easy
to install on any system. Additionally, there is no glass
envelope to break, so safety concerns are minimized. Each
and a screen to shield the grid and filaments from large
Nude Hot Cathode Ionization Vacuum Sensor
The Low Power Nude Tube is available with a choice
of yttria-coated iridium or tungsten filaments. Since the
sensing portion of the tube is located within the vacuum
system and experiences the system true pressure, nude
tubes give a representative pressure measurement and
respond more quickly to pressure changes than a glass
envelope sensor. This minimizes the effects of tube
pumping and outgassing as seen with glass tubes. The
yttria-coated iridium filament is resistant to damage caused
by high oxygen partial pressures and accidental exposure
to atmosphere. The tube operates at lower temperatures,
giving a lower chemical reaction rate and minimizing
thermal interference. At low pressures, tubes with tungsten
filaments have the advantage of low internal outgassing

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