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HFBR-5710L Datasheet(PDF) 3 Page - Agilent(Hewlett-Packard)

Part # HFBR-5710L
Description  Small Form Factor Pluggable Optical Transceiver for Gigabit
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Manufacturer  HP [Agilent(Hewlett-Packard)]
Direct Link  http://www.home.agilent.com
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HFBR-5710L Datasheet(HTML) 3 Page - Agilent(Hewlett-Packard)

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background image
Before extracting the module, the
black plastic tab beneath the
optical port must be depressed,
releasing the latch mechanism.
The transceiver can then be
pulled out of the port manually by
gripping the side of the LC ports.
For easier fingertip delatching in
high port density applications, an
optional extended tab is offered
as shown in Figure 10.
Serial Identification (EEPROM)
The HFBR-5710L features an
EEPROM for Serial ID. It
contains the product data stored
for retrieval by host equipment.
This data is accessed via the 2-
wire serial EEPROM protocol of
the ATMEL AT24C01A or similar
in compliance with the industry
standard SFP Multi-Source
Agreement. Contents of the
HFBR-5710L serial ID memory
are displayed in Table 9.
Transmitter Section
The transmitter section includes
the Transmitter Optical Sub-
assembly (TOSA) and laser driver
circuitry. The TOSA, containing
an 850 nm VCSEL (Vertical
Cavity Surface Emitting Laser)
light source, is located at the
optical interface and mates with
the LC optical connector. The
TOSA is driven by a custom IC,
which converts differential logic
signals into an analog laser diode
drive current. This Tx driver
circuit regulates the optical
power at a constant level
provided the data pattern is DC
balanced (8B10B code for
Tx Disable
The HFBR-5710L accepts a
transmit disable control signal
input which shuts down the
transmitter. A high signal
implements this function while a
low signal allows normal laser
operation. In the event of a fault
(e.g., eye safety circuit activated),
cycling this control signal resets
the module as depicted in Figure 6.
Eye Safety Circuit
The HFBR-5710L provides Class
1 eye safety by design and has
been tested for compliance with
the requirements listed in
Table 1. The eye safety circuit
continuously monitors optical
output power levels and will
disable the transmitter and assert
a TX_FAULT signal upon
detecting an unsafe condition.
Such unsafe conditions can be
created by inputs from the host
board (Vcc fluxuation,
unbalanced code) or faults within
the module.
Receiver Section
The receiver section includes the
Receiver Optical Subassembly
(ROSA) and amplification/
quantization circuitry. The ROSA,
containing a PIN photodiode and
custom trans-impedance
preamplifier, is located at the
optical interface and mates with
the LC optical connector. The
ROSA is mated to a custom IC
that provides post-amplification
and quantization. Also included is
a Loss Of Signal (LOS) detection
Loss of Signal
The Loss Of Signal (LOS) output
indicates an unusable optical
input power level. A high LOS
output signal indicates a loss of
signal while a low LOS output
signal indicates normal operation.
The Loss Of Signal thresholds are
set to indicate a definite optical
fault has occurred (e.g.,
disconnected or broken fiber
connection to receiver, failed
transmitter, etc.).
Functional I/O
The HFBR-5710L accepts
industry standard differential
signals such as LVPECL and CML
within the scope of the SFP MSA.
To simplify board requirements,
transmitter bias resistors and
coupling capacitors are
incorporated into the transceiver
module. The module is “ac-
coupled” and internally
Figure 4 illustrates a recom-
mended interface circuit to link
the HFBR-5710L to the
supporting Physical Layer
integrated circuits.
Timing diagrams for the MSA
compliant control signals
implemented in this module are
depicted in Figure 6.
Figure 3. MSA required power supply filter.
1 µH
1 µH
0.1 µF
10 µF
0.1 µF
10 µF
3.3 V
0.1 µF

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