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RT8509GQW Datasheet(PDF) 6 Page - Richtek Technology Corporation

Part # RT8509GQW
Description  3A, 14V Step-Up DC/DC Converter
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Manufacturer  RICHTEK [Richtek Technology Corporation]
Direct Link  http://www.richtek.com
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RT8509GQW Datasheet(HTML) 6 Page - Richtek Technology Corporation

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DS8509-01 March 2012
Copyright 2012 Richtek Technology Corporation. All rights reserved.
is a registered trademark of Richtek Technology Corporation.
Application Information
The RT8509 is a high performance step-up DC/DC
converter that provides a regulated supply voltage for panel
source driver ICs. The RT8509 incorporates current mode,
fixed frequency, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) circuitry
with a built in N-MOSFET to achieve high efficiency and
fast transient response. The following content contains
detailed description and information for component
Boost Regulator
The RT8509 is a current mode boost converter integrated
with a 24V/3.5A power switch, covering a wide VIN range
from 2.8V to 14V. It performs fast transient responses to
generate source driver supplies for TFT LCD display. The
high operation frequency allows use of smaller
components to minimize the thickness of the LCD panel.
The output voltage can be adjusted by setting the resistive
voltage-divider sensing at the FB pin. The error amplifier
varies the COMP voltage by sensing the FB pin to regulate
the output voltage. For better stability, the slope
compensation signal summed with the current sense
signal will be compared with the COMP voltage to
determine the current trip point and duty cycle.
The RT8509 provides soft-start function to minimize the
inrush current. When powered on, an internal constant
current charges an external capacitor. The rising voltage
rate on the COMP pin is limited from VSS = 0V to 1.24V
and the inductor peak current will also be limited at the
same time. When powered off, the external capacitor will
be discharged until the next soft-start time.
The soft-start function is implemented by the external
capacitor with a 5
μA constant current charging to the soft-
start capacitor. Therefore, the capacitor should be large
enough for output voltage regulation. A typical value for
soft-start capacitor is 33nF. The available soft-start capacitor
range is from 10nF to 100nF.
If CSS < 220pF, the internal soft-start function will be turned
on and period time is approximately 1ms.
= V
x 1
, where V
= 1.25V (typ.)
The recommended value for R2 should be at least 10k
without some sacrificing. Place the resistive voltage divider
as close as possible to the chip to reduce noise sensitivity.
Loop Compensation
The voltage feedback loop can be compensated with an
external compensation network consisting of R3. Choose
R3 to set high frequency integrator gain for fast transient
response and C1 to set the integrator zero to maintain
loop stability. For typical application, VIN = 5V,
VOUT = 13.6V, COUT = 4.7
μF x 3, L1 = 4.7μH, while the
recommended value for compensation is as follows :
R3 = 56k
Ω, C1 = 1nF.
Over Current Protection
The RT8509 boost converter has over current protection
to limit the peak inductor current. It prevents large current
from damaging the inductor and diode. During the On-time,
once the inductor current exceeds the current limit, the
internal LX switch turns off immediately and shortens the
duty cycle. Therefore, the output voltage drops if the over
current condition occurs. The current limit is also affected
by the input voltage, duty cycle, and inductor value.
Over Temperature Protection
The RT8509 boost converter has thermal protection function
to prevent the chip from overheating. When the junction
temperature exceeds 155
°C, the function shuts down the
device. Once the device cools down by approximately
°C, it will automatically restart to normal operation. To
guarantee continuous operation, do not operate over the
maximum junction temperature rating of 125
Inductor Selection
The inductance depends on the maximum input current.
As a general rule, the inductor ripple current range is 20%
to 40% of the maximum input current. If 40% is selected
Output Voltage Setting
The regulated output voltage is shown as the following
equation :

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