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RFPIC12C509AG Datasheet(PDF) 6 Page - Microchip Technology

Part No. RFPIC12C509AG
Description  18/20-Pin 8-Bit CMOS Microcontroller with UHF ASK/FSK Transmitter
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Maker  MICROCHIP [Microchip Technology]
Homepage  http://www.microchip.com
Logo MICROCHIP - Microchip Technology

RFPIC12C509AG Datasheet(HTML) 6 Page - Microchip Technology

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DS70031A-page 4
© 2001 Microchip Technology Inc.
The rfPIC12C509AG/509AF from Microchip Technol-
ogy is a low-cost, high performance, 8-bit, fully static,
EPROM-based CMOS microcontroller combined with a
UHF ASK/FSK transmitter. It employs a RISC architec-
ture with only 33 single word/single cycle instructions.
All instructions are single cycle (1
µs) except for
program branches which take two cycles. The 12-bit
wide instructions are highly symmetrical resulting in 2:1
code compression over other 8-bit microcontrollers in
its class. The easy to use and easy to remember
instruction set reduces development time significantly.
The rfPIC12C509AG/509AF product is equipped with
special features that reduce system cost and power
requirements. The Power-on Reset (POR) and Device
Reset Timer (DRT) eliminate the need for external
RESET circuitry. There are four oscillator configura-
tions to choose from, including INTRC internal oscilla-
tor mode and the power-saving LP (Low Power)
oscillator mode. Power saving SLEEP mode, Watch-
dog Timer and code protection features also improve
system cost, power and reliability.
The Transmitter is a fully integrated UHF ASK/FSK
transmitter consisting of crystal oscillator, phase-
locked loop (PLL), open-collector differential-output
Power Amplifier (PA), and mode control logic. External
components consist of bypass capacitors, crystal, and
PLL loop filter. There are no internal electrical connec-
tions between the PICmicro MCU and the transmitter.
The PICmicro MCU oscillator is independent from the
transmitter crystal oscillator.
The rfPIC12C509AG is capable of Amplitude Shift Key-
ing (ASK) modulation by turning the PA on and off. The
rfPIC12C509AF is capable of ASK or Frequency Shift
Keying (FSK) modulation by employing an internal FSK
switch to pull the transmitter crystal via a second load
The rfPIC12C509AG/509AF is a single channel device.
The transmit frequency is fixed and set by an external
reference crystal. Transmit frequencies in the range of
310 to 480 MHz can be selected. Output drive is an
open-collector differential amplifier. The differential out-
put is well suited for loop antennas. Output power is
adjustable from +2 dBm to -12 dBm in six discrete
The rfPIC12C509AG/509AF are radio frequency (RF)
emitting devices. Wireless RF devices are governed by
a country’s regulating agency. For example, in the
United States it is the Federal Communications Com-
mittee (FCC) and in Europe it is the European Confer-
Administrations (CEPT). It is the responsibility of the
designer to ensure that their end product conforms to
rules and regulations of the country of use and/or sale.
RF devices require correct board level implementation
in order to meet regulatory requirements. Layout con-
siderations are given in Section 7.0 UHF ASK/FSK
The rfPIC12C509AG/509AF is available in the cost-
which is suitable for production in any volume. The cus-
tomer can take full advantage of Microchip’s price lead-
ership in OTP microcontrollers while benefiting from
the OTP’s flexibility.
The rfPIC12C509AG/509AF product is supported by a
full-featured macro assembler, a software simulator, an
in-circuit emulator, a ‘C’ compiler, a low-cost develop-
ment programmer, and a full featured programmer. All
the tools are supported on IBM® PC and compatible
The rfPIC12C509AG/509AF fits perfectly in applica-
tions ranging from wireless remote operation, security
systems, to low-power remote transmitters. The
EPROM technology makes customizing application
programs (transmitter codes, appliance settings, etc.)
extremely fast and convenient. The small footprint
packages make this rfPICperfect for applications
with space limitations. Low-cost, low-power, high per-
formance, ease of use and I/O flexibility make the
rfPIC12C509AG/509AF very versatile.

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