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STRF6626 Datasheet(PDF) 9 Page - Allegro MicroSystems

Part No. STRF6626
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Maker  ALLEGRO [Allegro MicroSystems]
Homepage  http://www.allegromicro.com

STRF6626 Datasheet(HTML) 9 Page - Allegro MicroSystems

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Series STR-F6600
Functional Description and Operation (cont’d)
The voltage V
OCP (pin 1) has the same form as the VDS
waveform. The condition for quasi-resonant operation is
given by:
2.0 V < V
OCP > 5.5 V for >1 µs
Transformer design is exactly as for any other discon-
tinuous-mode type flyback.
For optimum EMI/efficiency performance, quasi-
resonance turn off is achieved when the MOSFET is at
zero voltage and zero current; that is, at one half cycle of
the quasi-resonance frequency, fr.
Over-Current Protection (OCP) Functions
Refer to the Functional Block diagram and Typical
Application diagram (figure 6).
The regulator implements pulse-by-pulse over-current
protection, which limits the maximum drain current in the
MOSFET on every pulse by switching off the internal
drive to the MOSFET, and the MOSFET drain current is
detected across R5.
Drive Circuit
Refer to the Functional Block Diagram.
This circuit is driven from the oscillator and provides
the current drive to charge and discharge the MOSFET
gate-source capacitance, thereby switching the device on
and off. The basic circuit configuration is totem-pole type
with an additional limiting resistor in the gate circuit at
turn on. This limits the turn on speed of the MOSFET,
thereby reducing EMI due to the discharge of primary
capacitance. This is possible because of the low-voltage
switching, zero-current switching nature of the turn on.
The value of the turn-off resistance is lower, allowing
the device turn-off current to be increased. This reduces
the turn-off loss in the MOSFET.
The gate drive voltage (8.3 V) is such that even with
0.73 V across R5 (drain current sense resistor), the
MOSFET is fully enhanced, allowing full use to be made
of its high current handling capacity.
Latch Circuit
The latch circuit keeps the oscillator output low to
inhibit operation of the regulator when over-voltage
protection (OVP) and thermal shutdown (TSD) circuits are
in operation. As long as the latch hold-in current is
µA (max., supplied via R
S) with VIN at 8.5 V (pin 4),
the regulator will stay in the off state.
An internal noise filter provides 10
µs of noise immu-
nity to prevent spurious operation of the over-voltage
protection or thermal shutdown.
With the latch ‘on’, the voltage on pin 4 cycles between
16 V and 10 V as shown in figure 9. This is due to the
higher current drawn when the pin 4 is at 16 V compared
to that drawn close to shutdown (10 V).
Pulling V
IN (pin 4) below 6.5 V will reset the latch
circuit, re-enabling the regulator.
Thermal Shutdown
This internal feature triggers the latch if the internal
frame temperature exceeds 140
°C (typ.).
The temperature is sensed on the control IC, but also
protects against overheating of the MOSFET as the
MOSFET and the control IC are mounted on the same lead
frame. Additionally, protection is provided for other on-
board components.
16 V
10 V
Figure 9 – Example of V
IN Terminal Voltage
Waveform at Latch Circuit On

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