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AT25020A-10PQ-2.7 Datasheet(PDF) 7 Page - ATMEL Corporation

Part # AT25020A-10PQ-2.7
Description  SPI Serial Extended TEMPERATURE EEPROMS 1K 2K 4K
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Manufacturer  ATMEL [ATMEL Corporation]
Direct Link  http://www.atmel.com
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AT25020A-10PQ-2.7 Datasheet(HTML) 7 Page - ATMEL Corporation

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The AT25010A/020A/040A is designed to interface directly with the synchronous serial
peripheral interface (SPI) of the 6805 and 68HC11 series of microcontrollers.
The AT25010A/020A/040A utilizes an 8-bit instruction register. The list of instructions
and their operation codes are contained in Table 5. All instructions, addresses, and data
are transferred with the MSB first and start with a high-to-low CS transition.
“A” represents MSB address bit A8.
WRITE ENABLE (WREN): The device will power up in the write disable state when V
is applied. All programming instructions must therefore be preceded by a Write Enable
instruction. The WP pin must be held high during a WREN instruction.
WRITE DISABLE (WRDI): To protect the device against inadvertent writes, the Write
Disable instruction disables all programming modes. The WRDI instruction is indepen-
dent of the status of the WP pin.
READ STATUS REGISTER (RDSR): The Read Status Register instruction provides
access to the status register. The READY/BUSY and Write Enable status of the device
can be determined by the RDSR instruction. Similarly, the block write protection bits
indicate the extent of protection employed. These bits are set by using the WRSR
WRITE STATUS REGISTER (WRSR): The WRSR instruction allows the user to select
one of four levels of protection. The AT25010A/020A/040A is divided into four array seg-
ments. One-quarter, one-half, or all of the memory segments can be protected. Any of
Table 5. Instruction Set for the AT25010A/020A/040A
Instruction Name
Instruction Format
0000 X110
Set Write Enable Latch
0000 X100
Reset Write Enable Latch
0000 X101
Read Status Register
0000 X001
Write Status Register
0000 A011
Read Data from Memory Array
0000 A010
Write Data to Memory Array
Table 6. Status Register Format
Bit 7
Bit 6
Bit 5
Bit 4
Bit 3
Bit 2
Bit 1
Bit 0
Table 7. Read Status Register Bit Definition
Bit 0 (RDY)
Bit 0 = “0” (RDY) indicates the device is ready. Bit 0 = “1” indicates the write
cycle is in progress.
Bit 1 (WEN)
Bit 1= “0” indicates the device is not write-enabled. Bit 1 = “1” indicates the
device is write-enabled.
Bit 2 (BP0)
See Table 8 on page 8.
Bit 3 (BP1)
See Table 8 on page 8.
Bits 4
− 6 are “0”s when device is not in an internal write cycle.
Bits 0
− 7 are “1”s during an internal write cycle.

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