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MAX40010 Datasheet(PDF) 9 Page - Maxim Integrated Products

Part No. MAX40010
Description  76V Precision, High-Voltage, Current-Sense Amplifier
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Manufacturer  MAXIM [Maxim Integrated Products]
Direct Link  https://www.maximintegrated.com/en.html
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MAX40010 Datasheet(HTML) 9 Page - Maxim Integrated Products

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Detailed Description
The MAX40010 high-side, current-sense amplifiers fea-
ture a 2.7V to 76V input common-mode range that is
independent of supply voltage. This feature allows the
monitoring of current out of a battery as low as 2.7V and
enables high-side current sensing at voltages greater
than the supply voltage (VDD). The MAX40010 monitors
current through an external current-sense resistor and
amplifies the voltage across the resistor.
High-side current monitoring does not interfere with the
ground path of the load being measured, making the
MAX40010 particularly useful in a wide range of high-
voltage systems.
The MAX40010 operates as follows: current from the
source flows through RSENSE to the load (Figure 1),
creating a sense voltage, VSENSE. The internal op amp
A1 force the current through an internal gain resistor RG1
at RS+ input, such that its voltage drop equals the volt-
age drop (VSENSE) across the external sense resistors
(RSENSE). The internal resistor at RS- input (RG2) has
the same value as RG1 to minimize the error. The current
through RG1 is sourced by a high-voltage p-channel FET.
Its source current is the same as the drain current which
flows through a second gain resistor, R1, producing a volt-
age VR1 = VSENSE x R1/ RG1.
The output voltage VOUT is produced from a second op
amp A2 with the gain (1 + RF1/ R1). Hence the VOUT =
ILOAD x RSENSE (R1/ RG1) x (1 + RF1/ R1). The value
of internal resistors R1, R2, RG1, RG2, RF are available
in Table 1.
Total gain is 12.5V/V for MAX40010L, 20V/V for the
MAX40010T, 50V/V for the MAX40010F and 100V/V for
the MAX40010H.
Application Information
Recommended Component Values
Ideally, the maximum load current develops the full-scale
sense voltage across the current-sense resistor. Choose
the gain needed to yield the maximum output voltage
required for the application:
where VSENSE is the full-scale sense voltage, 200mV for
gain of 12.5V/V, 125mV for gain of 20V/V, 50mV for
gain of 50V/V, 25mV for gain of 100V/V, and AV is the gain
of the device.
In applications monitoring a high current, ensure that
RSENSE is able to dissipate its own I2R loss. If the resis-
tor’s power dissipation exceeds the nominal value, its
value may drift or it may fail altogether.
The MAX40010 sense a wide variety of currents with dif-
ferent sense-resistor values.
Choosing the Sense Resistor
Choose RSENSE based on the following criteria:
Voltage Loss: A high RSENSE value causes the power-
source voltage to degrade through IR loss. For minimal
voltage loss, use the lowest RSENSE value.
Accuracy: A high RSENSE value allows lower currents
measured more accurately. This is due to offsets becom-
ing less significant when the sense voltage is larger. For
best performance, select RSENSE to provide approxi-
mately 200mV (gain of 12.5V/V), 125mV (gain of 20V/V),
or 50mV (gain of 50V/V), 25mV (gain of 100V/V) of sense
voltage for the full-scale current in each application.
Table 1. Internal Gain-Setting Resistors
R1, R2 (kΩ)
RG1, RG2 (kΩ)
RF (kΩ)
76V Precision, High-Voltage,
Current-Sense Amplifier
Maxim Integrated │ 9

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