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MP5402M Datasheet(PDF) 11 Page - Monolithic Power Systems

Part No. MP5402M
Description  5A, 36V, Frequency Selectable Step-Down Converter with Smart Dual USB Charging Ports
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Maker  MPS [Monolithic Power Systems]
Homepage  http://www.monolithicpower.com
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MP5402M Datasheet(HTML) 11 Page - Monolithic Power Systems

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MP5402M Rev.1.0
MPS Proprietary Information. Patent Protected. Unauthorized Photocopy and Duplication Prohibited.
© 2015 MPS. All Rights Reserved.
synchronous, rectified, step-down, switch-mode
converter with internal power MOSFETs and
two USB current-limit switches with charging
port auto-detection. It offers a compact solution
to achieve 5A of continuous output current over
a wide input supply range with excellent load
and line regulation.
The MP5402M operates in a fixed frequency,
peak-current-mode control to regulate the
output voltage. The internal clock initiates the
PWM cycle, which turns on the integrated high-
side power MOSFET (HS-FET). The HS-FET
remains on until its current reaches the value
set by the COMP voltage. When the power
switch is off, it remains off until the next clock
cycle begins. If the duty cycle reaches 88%
(350kHz switching frequency) in one PWM
period, the current in the power MOSFET will
not reach the COMP set current value, and the
power MOSFET will turn off.
Error Amplifier (EA)
The error amplifier (EA) compares the internal
feedback voltage against the internal 1V
reference (REF) and outputs a COMP voltage.
This COMP voltage
controls the power
MOSFET current. The optimized internal
compensation network minimizes the external
component count and simplifies the control loop
Internal VCC Regulator
The 5V internal regulator powers most of the
internal circuitries. This regulator takes VIN and
operates in the full VIN range. When VIN
exceeds 5.0V, the output of the regulator is in
full regulation. If VIN is less than 5.0V, the output
decreases with VIN. VCC requires an external
0.22µF ceramic decoupling capacitor.
Enable Control (EN)
The MP5402M has enable control (EN). Pulling
EN high enables the IC; pulling EN low disables
the IC. Connect EN to VIN through a resistor for
automatic start-up. An internal 1M? resistor
from EN to GND allows EN to float to shut down
the IC. EN is clamped internally using a 7.6V
series Zener diode (see Figure 2). Connect EN
through a pull-up resistor to any voltage
connected to VIN. This requires limiting the
amplitude of the voltage source to below 10V
and the EN input current to less than 230µA to
prevent damage to the Zener diode.
For example, connecting 36V to VIN, RPULLUP ?
(36V ? 10V)/230µA = 113k?.
Figure 2: Zener Diode between EN and GND
Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO)
Under-voltage lockout (UVLO) protects the chip
from operating at an insufficient supply voltage.
The UVLO comparator monitors the input
voltage. The UVLO rising threshold is 5.7V, and
its falling threshold is 4.7V.
Internal Soft Start (SS)
The soft start (SS) prevents the converter
output voltage from overshooting during start-
up. When the chip starts up, the internal
circuitry generates an SS voltage that ramps up
from 0V to 5V. When SS is lower than REF, the
error amplifier uses SS as the reference. When
SS is higher than REF, the error amplifier uses
REF as the reference. The SS time is set to
1.65ms internally.
If the output of the MP5402M is pre-biased to a
certain voltage during start-up, the IC disables
the switching of both the high-side and low-side
switches until the voltage on the internal SS
capacitor exceeds the internal feedback voltage.
Buck Over-Current Protection (OCP)
The MP5402M has a cycle-by-cycle, over-
current limit when the inductor peak current
exceeds the current-limit threshold, and FB
voltage drops below the under-voltage (UV)
threshold (70% below the reference, typically).
Once UV is triggered, the MP5402M enters
hiccup mode to restart the part periodically.
This protection mode is especially useful when
the output is dead-shorted to ground. This
greatly reduces the average short-circuit current,

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