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NCP81243 Datasheet(PDF) 19 Page - ON Semiconductor

Part # NCP81243
Description  Dual Output 3 & 2 Phase Controller
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Manufacturer  ONSEMI [ON Semiconductor]
Direct Link  http://www.onsemi.com
Logo ONSEMI - ON Semiconductor

NCP81243 Datasheet(HTML) 19 Page - ON Semiconductor

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Remote Sense Amplifier
A high performance high input impedance true
differential amplifier is provided to accurately sense the
output voltage of the regulator. The VSP and VSN inputs
should be connected to the regulator’s output voltage sense
points. The remote sense amplifier takes the difference of
the output voltage with the DAC voltage and adds the droop
voltage to VDIFOUT =
This signal then goes through a standard error
compensation network and into the inverting input of the
error amplifier. The non−inverting input of the error
amplifier is connected to the same 1.3 V reference used for
the differential sense amplifier output bias.
High Performance Voltage Error Amplifier
A high performance error amplifier is provided for high
bandwidth transient performance. A standard type III
compensation circuit is normally used to compensate the
Differential Current Feedback Amplifiers
Each phase has a low offset differential amplifier to sense
that phase current for current balance. The inputs to the
CSNx and CSPx pins are high impedance inputs. It is
recommended that any external filter resistor RCSN does
not exceed 10 k
W to avoid offset issues with leakage current.
It is also recommended that the voltage sense element be no
less than 0.5 k
W for accurate current balance. Fine tuning of
this time constant is generally not required. The individual
phase current is summed into the PWM comparator
feedback this way current is balanced via a current mode
control approach.
Total Current Sense Amplifier
The NCP81243 uses a patented approach to sum the phase
currents into a single temperature compensated total current
signal. This signal is then used to generate the output voltage
droop, total current limit, and the output current monitoring
functions. The total current signal is floating with respect to
CSREF. The current signal is the difference between
CSCOMP and CSREF. The Ref(n) resistors sum the signals
from the output side of the inductors to create a low
impedance virtual ground. The amplifier actively filters and
gains up the voltage applied across the inductors to recover
the voltage drop across the inductor series resistance (DCR).
Rth is placed near an inductor to sense the temperature of the
inductor. This allows the filter time constant and gain to be
a function of the Rth NTC resistor and compensate for the
change in the DCR with temperature.
The DC gain equation for the current sensing:
) Rcs1@Rth
@ Iout
Total @ DCR
Set the gain by adjusting the value of the Rph resistors.
The DC gain should be set to the output voltage droop. If the
voltage from CSCOMP to CSREF is less than 100 mV at
ICCMAX then it is recommend increasing the gain of the
CSCOMP amp. This is required to provide a good current
signal to offset voltage ratio for the ILIMIT pin. When no
droop is needed, the gain of the amplifier should be set to
provide ~100 mV across the current limit programming
resistor at full load. The values of Rcs1 and Rcs2 are set
based on the 220k NTC and the temperature effect of the
inductor and should not need to be changed. The NTC
should be placed near the closest inductor. The output
voltage droop should be set with the droop filter divider.
The pole frequency in the CSCOMP filter should be set
equal to the zero from the output inductor. This allows the
circuit to recover the inductor DCR voltage drop current
signal. Ccs1 and Ccs2 are in parallel to allow for fine tuning
of the time constant using commonly available values. It is
best to fine tune this filter during transient testing.

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