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TPS254900A-Q1 Datasheet(PDF) 30 Page - Texas Instruments

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Part No. TPS254900A-Q1
Description  Automotive USB Host Charger With Short-to-VBATT Protection
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Manufacturer  TI1 [Texas Instruments]
Direct Link  http://www.ti.com
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TPS254900A-Q1 Datasheet(HTML) 30 Page - Texas Instruments

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Copyright © 2017–2018, Texas Instruments Incorporated
RBIAS = 5.1 kΩ
t = 2 µs/div
Figure 52. DC-DC Input Is Floating, DP_IN Shorted to
R(BIAS) = 5.1 kΩ
t = 2 µs/div
R(DP_OUT) = 15 kΩ
Figure 53. Enabled, DP_IN Shorted to Battery
10 Power Supply Recommendations
The TPS254900A-Q1 device is designed for a supply voltage range of 4.5 V
≤ VIN ≤ 6.5 V, with its power switch
used for protecting the upstream power supply when a fault such as overcurrent or short to ground occurs on the
USB port. Therefore, the power supply should be rated higher than the current-limit setting to avoid voltage drops
during overcurrent or short-circuit conditions.
11 Layout
11.1 Layout Guidelines
Layout best practices for the TPS254900A-Q1 device are listed as follows.
Considerations for input and output power traces
Make the power traces as short as possible.
Make the power traces as wide as possible.
Considerations for input-capacitor traces
For all applications, 10-µF and 0.1-µF low-ESR ceramic capacitors are recommended, placed close to the
IN pin.
The resistors attached to the ILIM_HI and ILIM_LO pins of the device have several requirements.
It is recommended to use 1% low-temperature-coefficient resistors.
The trace routing between these two pins and GND should be as short as possible to reduce parasitic
effects on current limit. These traces should not have any coupling to switching signals on the board.
Locate all TPS254900A-Q1 pullup resistors for open-drain outputs close to their connection pin. Pullup
resistors should be 100 k
If a particular open-drain output is not used or needed in the system, tie it to GND.
ESD considerations
The TPS254900A-Q1 device has built-in ESD protection for DP_IN and DM_IN. Keep trace lengths
minimal from the USB connector to the DP_IN and DM_IN pins on the TPS254900A-Q1 device, and use
minimal vias along the traces.
The capacitor on BIAS helps to improve the IEC ESD performance. A 2.2-µF capacitor should be placed
close to BIAS, and the current path from BIAS to GND across this capacitor should be as short as
possible. Do not use vias along the connection traces.
A 10-µF output capacitor should be placed close to the OUT pin and TVS.
See the ESD Protection Layout Guide (SLVA680) for additional information.
TVS Considerations
For OUT, a TVS like SMAJ18 should be placed near the OUT pin.
For BIAS, a TVS like SMAJ18 should be placed close to the BIAS pin, but behind the 2.2-µF capacitor.

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