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TS317CP Datasheet(PDF) 5 Page - List of Unclassifed Manufacturers

Part No. TS317CP
Description  3-Terminal Adjustable Output Positive Voltage Regulator
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Maker  ETC [List of Unclassifed Manufacturers]

TS317CP Datasheet(HTML) 5 Page - List of Unclassifed Manufacturers

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Application Information
Basic Circuit Operation
The TS317 is a 3-terminal floating regulator. In
operation, the TS317 develops and maintains a
nominal 1.25V reference (Vref) between its output and
adjustment terminals. This reference voltage is
converted to a programming current (Iprog.) by R1 (see
Figure 17), and this constant current flows through R2
to ground. The regulated output voltage is given by:
Vout = Vref ( 1 + R2 / R1 ) + Iadj * R2
Since the current from the adjustment terminal (Iadj)
represents an error term in the equation, the TS317
was designed to control Iadj to less than 100uA and
keep it constant. To do this, all quiescent operating
current is returned to the output terminal. This imposes
the requirement for a minimum load current. If the load
current is less than this minimum, the output voltage
will rise.
Since the TS317 is a floating regulator, it is only the
voltage differential across the circuit which is important
to performance, and operation at high voltages with
respect to ground is possible.
Figure 5. basic circuit configuration
Load Regulation
The TS317 is capable of providing extremely good load
regulation, but a few precautions are needed to obtain
maximum performance. For best performance, the
programming resistor (R1) should be connected as
close to the regulator as possible to minimize line
drops which effectively appear in series with the
reference, thereby degrading regulation. The ground
end of R2 can be returned near the load ground to
provide remote ground sensing and improve load
External Capacitor
A 0.1
µF disc or 1µF tantalum input bypass capacitor
(Cin) is recommended to reduce the sensitivity to input
line impedance.
The adjustment terminal may be bypassed to ground to
improve ripple rejection. This capacitor (Cadj) prevents
ripple from being amplified as the output voltage is
rejection about 15dB at 120 HZ in a 10V application.
Although the TS317 is stable with no output
capacitance, like any feedback circuit, certain values of
external capacitance can cause excessive ringing. An
output increased. A 10u
µF capacitor should improve
ripple capacitance (Co) in the form of a 1uF tantalum
or 25uF aluminum electrolytic capacitor on the output
swamps this effect and insures stability.
Protection Diode
When external capacitors are used with any I.C.
regulator it is sometimes necessary to add protection
diodes to prevent the capacitors from discharging
through low current points into the regulator.
Figure 18 shows the TS317 with the recommended
protection diodes for output voltages in excess of 25 V
or high capacitance values (Co > 25uF, Cadj > 10uF).
Diode D1 prevents Co from discharging thru the I.C.
during an input short circuit. Diode D2 protects against
capacitor CADJ discharging through the I.C. during an
output short circuit. The combination of diodes D1 and
D2 prevents CADJ from discharging through the I.C.
during an input short circuit.
Figure 6. voltage regulator with
protection diode
2003/12 rev. D

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