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3--21028-2 Datasheet(PDF) 3 Page - Tyco Electronics

Part No. 3--21028-2
Description  Terminating Head 58247- 1 For MTA- 156 Receptacle Connectors Using Discrete Wire
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Maker  MACOM [Tyco Electronics]
Homepage  http://www.macom.com

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408- 6930
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Rev F
3 — The contact beams are NOT deformed. If
damage is apparent, replace the contacts in
accordance with the instructions packaged with the
4 — The wire insulation is NOT nicked or cut in
any area other than the two contact slots.
5 — The wire extends past the wire retainer (strain
relief) of the connector.
1. Remove the head from the handle assembly.
2. If the wire is inserted too deeply (more than the
required wire insertion depth), reduce the wire
insertion depth by turning the adjuster 1/6 of a
revolution clockwise. The wire insertion depth will
be reduced by approximately 0.20 mm [.008 in.].
If the wire is bottomed in the contact slot, this
indicates that the adjuster is set to the maximum
wire insertion depth — DO NOT turn the adjuster
counterclockwise; otherwise damage to the head
may occur.
If the wire is not inserted deeply enough (less than
the required wire insertion depth), increase the wire
insertion depth by turning the adjuster 1/6 of a
revolution counterclockwise. The wire insertion
depth will be increased by approximately 0.20 mm
[.008 in.].
When turning the adjuster counterclockwise,
make sure to check the wire insertion depth after
EACH 1/6 revolution. If the adjuster is set past the
maximum setting, damage to the head may
Figure 4
Reduce Wire Insertion Depth
Increase Wire Insertion Depth
DO NOT Turn Past Maximum Setting
Refer to CAUTION
Wire Insertion Depth Adjustment
Note: 1
/6 Revolution Equals 0.20 mm [.008 in.] Adjustment
5. TERMINATING PROCEDURE (Refer to Figure 5)
There is no wire preparation required.
1. Insert the connector into the left side of the
2. Align the contact to be terminated with the wire
inserter of the head (shown in Figure 1). Make sure
that the locating pawl rests between the connector
index ribs.
3. Insert an unstripped wire into the funnel area
between the contact and the wire inserter until it
bottoms on the tool base.
4. Squeeze the cam handle (manual) or depress
the trigger (pneumatic) of the handle assembly,
and hold it until the ratchet releases (manual) or
the wire inserter bottoms (pneumatic).
5. Release the cam handle or trigger. The wire
inserter will retract and the feed slide will
automatically advance the connector to the next
contact position.
The locating pawl will move up and down as the
connector is automatically advanced through the
head. However, if movement is obstructed, or if
desired, the locating pawl can be depressed and
the connector moved manually out of the RIGHT
side of the head.
6. Repeat Steps 2 through 5 until all contacts have
been terminated.
7. Inspect each termination according to
Paragraph 3.2.
6.1. Daily Maintenance
1. Remove dust, moisture, and other contaminants
with a clean, soft brush or lint--free cloth. DO NOT
use objects that could damage the head.
2. Make sure that all components are in place and
properly secured.
3. Actuate the tool to make sure that the
mechanisms inside the head function smoothly.
6.2. Periodic Maintenance
1. Remove any accumulated film with a suitable
cleaning agent that will not affect plastic.
2. Make sure all components are in place and
properly secured.
3. Check for chipped, cracked, worn, or broken
areas on the head. If damage is evident, repair or
replace the head.

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