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AD5533 Datasheet(PDF) 9 Page - Analog Devices

Part No. AD5533
Description  32-Channel Infinite Sample-and-Hold
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Maker  AD [Analog Devices]
Homepage  http://www.analog.com

 9 page
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REV. 0
VIN to VOUT Nonlinearity
This is a measure of the maximum deviation from a straight line
passing through the endpoints of the VIN versus VOUT transfer
function. It is expressed as a percentage of the full-scale span.
Offset Error
This is a measure of the output error when VIN = 70 mV. Ideally,
with VIN = 70 mV:
VOUT = (Gain
× 70) – ((Gain – 1) × VOFFS_IN) mV
Offset error is a measure of the difference between VOUT (actual)
and VOUT (ideal). It is expressed in mV and can be positive or
negative. See Figure 5.
Gain Error
This is a measure of the span error of the analog channel. It is
the deviation in slope of the transfer function. See Figure 5. It
is calculated as:
Gain Error = Actual Full-Scale Output – Ideal Full-Scale Output –
Offset Error
Ideal Full-Scale Output = Ideal Gain
× 2.96 – ((Ideal Gain-1) × VOFFS_IN)
Ideal Gain = 3.52
Output Temperature Coefficient
This is a measure of the change in analog output with changes
in temperature. It is expressed in ppm/
DC Power-Supply Rejection Ratio
DC Power-Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR) is a measure of the
change in analog output for a change in supply voltage (VDD
and VSS). It is expressed in dBs. VDD and VSS are varied
DC Crosstalk
This the dc change in the output level of one channel in response
to a full-scale change in the output of all other channels. It is
expressed in
Output Settling Time
This is the time taken from when
BUSY goes high to when the
output has settled to
Acquisition Time
This is the time taken for the VIN input to be acquired. It is the
length of time that
BUSY stays low.
OFFS_IN Settling Time
This is the time taken from a 0 V–3 V step change in input volt-
age on OFFS_IN until the output has settled to within
Digital Feedthrough
This is a measure of the impulse injected into the analog outputs
from the digital control inputs when the part is not being written
to, i.e.,
CS/SYNC is high. It is specified in nV-secs and is mea-
sured with a worst-case change on the digital input pins, e.g.,
from all 0s to all 1s and vice versa.
Output Noise Spectral Density
This is a measure of internally generated random noise. Random
noise is characterized as a spectral density (voltage per root Hertz).
It is measured by loading all DACs to midscale and measuring
noise at the output. It is measured in nV/(
AC Crosstalk
This is the area of the glitch that occurs on the output of one
channel while another channel is acquiring. It is expressed in
Figure 5. SHA Transfer Function

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