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X-10G-B Datasheet(PDF) 6 Page - Omron Electronics LLC

Part No. X-10G-B
Description  General-purpose Basic Switch
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Maker  OMRON [Omron Electronics LLC]
Homepage  http://www.omron.com/index3.html

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General-purpose Basic Switch
Safety Precautions
Be sure to read the precautions and information common to all Snap Action and Detection Switches, contained in the Technical User’s Guide,
“Snap Action Switches, Technical Information” for correct use.
Precautions for Safe Use
Terminal Connection
When soldering lead wires to the Switch, make sure that the capacity
of the soldering iron is 60 W maximum. Do not take more than 5 s to
solder any part of the Switch. The characteristics of the Switch will
deteriorate if a soldering iron with a capacity of more than 60 W is
applied to any part of the Switch for 5 s or more.
• Make sure that the switching frequency or speed is within the spec-
ified range.
1. If the switching speed is extremely slow, the contact may not be
switched smoothly, which may result in a contact failure or contact
2. If the switching speed is extremely fast, switching shock may
damage the Switch soon. If the switching frequency is too high,
the contact may not catch up with the speed.
The rated permissible switching speed and frequency indicate the
switching reliability of the Switch.
The life of a Switch is determined at the specified switching
speed. The life varies with the switching speed and frequency
even when they are within the permissible ranges. In order to
determine the life of a Switch model to be applied to a particular
use, it is best to conduct an appropriate durability test on some
samples of the model under actual conditions.
• Make sure that the actuator travel does not exceed the permissible
OT position. The operating stroke must be set to 70% to 100% of
the rated OT.
Precautions for Correct Use
Mounting Location
• Do not use the switch alone in atmospheres such as flammable or
explosive gases. Arcing and heat generation associated with
switching may cause fires or explosions.
• Switches are generally not constructed with resistance against
water. Use a protective cover to prevent direct spraying if the switch
is used in locations subject to splashing or spurting oil or water,
dust adhering.
• Install the switch in a location that is not directly subject to debris
and dust from cutting. The actuator and the switch body must be
protected from accumulated cutting debris and dirt.
• Do not use the switch in locations subject to hot water (greater than
°C) or in water vapor.
• Do not use the switch outside the specified temperature and atmo-
spheric conditions.
The permissible ambient temperature depends on the model.
(Refer to the specifications in this catalog.) Sudden thermal
changes may cause thermal shock to distort the switch and result
in faults.
• Mount a cover if the switch is to be installed in a location where
worker inattention could result in incorrect operation or accidents.
• Subjecting the switch to continuous vibration or shock may result in
contact failure, faulty operation or reduced service life due to
abrasion powder. Excessive vibration or shock will cause the con-
tacts to operate malfunction or become damaged. Mount the switch
in a location that is not subject to vibration or shock and in a
direction that does not subject the switch to resonance.
• If silver contacts are used with relatively low frequency for a long
time or are used with microloads, the sulfide coating produced on
the contact surface will not be broken down and contact faults will
result. Use a microload switch that uses gold contacts.
• Do not use the switch in atmospheres with high humidity or heat or in
harmful gases, such as sulfide gas (H
2S, SO2), ammonia gas (NH3), nitric
acid gas (HNO
3), or chlorine gas (Cl2). Doing so may impair functionality,
such as with damage due to contacting faults or corrosion.
• The switch includes contacts. If the switch is used in an atmosphere with silicon
gas, arc energy may cause silicon oxide (SiO
2) to accumulate on the contacts
and result in contact failure. If there is silicon oil, silicon filling, silicon wiring, or
other silicon products in the vicinity of the switch, use a contact protection cir-
cuit to limit arcing and remove the source of the silicon gas.
• Set the common (COM) terminal to the positive terminal. If it is set
to the negative terminal, the Switch will not turn OFF.
• When using the Switch under an inductive load, the arc suppression capa-
bility varies depending on current. If the current becomes 0.6 to 1.2 A or of
the time constant L/R exceeds 7 ms, be sure to provide an arc suppressor.
• Since the Switch incorporates a permanent magnet, attention must
be paid to the following points:
(a) Avoid mounting the Switch directly onto a magnetic substance.
(b) Do not subject the Switch to severe shocks.
(c) Avoid placing the Switch in a strong magnetic field.
(d) Be sure to prevent iron dust or iron chips from adhering to the
built-in magnet or the magnetic blowout function of the Switch
will be adversely affected.
(e) Do not apply thermal shock to the Switch, or the magnetic flux
will be diminished.
• Since a ventilation hole is provided to avoid abnormal corrosion due
to operating conditions, provide a dustproofing device in locations
where the Switch is exposed to dust.
• Do not change operating positions for the actuator. Changing the
position may cause malfunction.
Panel-mounted Model (X-10GQ
• To side-mount the panel-mount Switch to the panel with screws,
remove the hexagonal nut from the actuator.
• Too large a dog angle and too fast operating speed may damage
the Switch when the Switch is side-mounted on the panel.
• Too fast operating speed and too long overtravel of the roller
plunger Switch may result in damage to the Switch.
Terminal box
Terminal box
Separate the
location from
heat sources.
(preventing malfunctions)

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