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M48T35 Datasheet(PDF) 4 Page - STMicroelectronics

Part No. M48T35
Description  256 Kbit 32Kb x8 TIMEKEEPER SRAM
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Maker  STMICROELECTRONICS [STMicroelectronics]
Homepage  http://www.st.com

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M48T35, M48T35Y
The clock locations contain the year, month, date,
day, hour, minute, and second in 24 hour BCD for-
mat. Corrections for 28, 29 (leap year), 30, and 31
day months are made automatically. Byte 7FF8h
is the clock control register. This byte controls user
access to the clock information and also stores the
clock calibration setting.
The eight clock bytes are not the actual clock
counters themselves; they are memory locations
consisting of BiPORT read/write memory cells.
The M48T35/35Y includes a clock control circuit
which updates the clock bytes with current infor-
mation once per second. The information can be
accessed by the user in the same manner as any
other location in the static memory array.
The M48T35/35Y also has its own Power-fail De-
tect circuit. The control circuitry constantly moni-
tors the single 5V supply for an out of tolerance
condition. When VCC is out of tolerance, the circuit
write protects the SRAM, providing a high degree
of data security in the midst of unpredictable sys-
tem operation brought on by low VCC. As VCC falls
below approximately 3V, the control circuitry con-
nects the battery which maintains data and clock
operation until valid power returns.
The M48T35/35Y is in the Read Mode whenever
W (Write Enable) is high and E (Chip Enable) is
low. The unique address specified by the 15 Ad-
dress Inputs defines which one of the 32,768 bytes
of data is to be accessed. Valid data will be avail-
able at the Data I/O pins within Address Access
time (tAVQV) after the last address input signal is
stable, providing that the E and G access times
are also satisfied.
If the E and G access times are not met, valid data
will be available after the latter of the Chip Enable
Access time (tELQV) or Output Enable Access time
The state of the eight three-state Data I/O signals
is controlled by E and G. If the outputs are activat-
ed before tAVQV, the data lines will be driven to an
indeterminate state until tAVQV.
If the Address Inputs are changed while E and G
remain active, output data will remain valid for Out-
put Data Hold time (tAXQX) but will go indetermi-
nate until the next Address Access.
The M48T35/35Y is in the Write Mode whenever
W and E are low. The start of a write is referenced
from the latter occurring falling edge of W or E. A
write is terminated by the earlier rising edge of W
or E. The addresses must be held valid throughout
the cycle. E or W must return high for a minimum
of tEHAX from Chip Enable or tWHAX from Write En-
able prior to the initiation of another read or write
cycle. Data-in must be valid tDVWH prior to the end
of write and remain valid for tWHDX afterward. G
should be kept high during write cycles to avoid
bus contention; although, if the output bus has
been activated by a low on E and G, a low on W
will disable the outputs tWLQZ after W falls.
Table 4. AC Measurement Conditions
Note that Output Hi-Z is defined as the point where data is no longer
Input Rise and Fall Times
≤ 5ns
Input Pulse Voltages
0 to 3V
Input and Output Timing Ref. Voltages
Figure 4. AC Testing Load Circuit
CL = 100pF or 5pF
CL includes JIG capacitance

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