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VMIVME-5565-110000 Datasheet(PDF) 3 Page - General Electric Company

Part No. VMIVME-5565-110000
Description  Ultrahigh Speed Fiber-Optic Reflective Memory with Interrupts
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Maker  GEC [General Electric Company]
Homepage  http://www.ge.com

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VMIVME-5565 Ultrahigh Speed Fiber-Optic Reflective Memory with Interrupts
VMEbus Initiator/DMA Capabilities: The VMIVME-5565 supports
DMA operations. The DMA sequence is initialized by control
register writes to the VMIVME-5565 by the host. Therefore, the
VMIVME-5565 becomes a VMEbus initiator and moves the
specified block of data up to 64 Mbyte without further host
intervention. The architecture ensures that the VMIVME-5565
does not monopolize the VMEbus and causes the
VMIVME-5565’s DMA engine to automatically split large blocks
in small bursts. The VMIVME-5565 can be programmed to issue
a VMEbus interrupt upon completion of DMA process. There are
two independent DMA engines, each capable of reading or
writing. It is possible for a read DMA and a write DMA to occur
Error Management: Errors are detected by the VMIVME-5565
with the use of the error detection facilities of the Fiber Channel
encoder/decoder and additional cyclic redundant encoding and
checking. When a node detects an error, the erroneous transfer
is removed from the system and an interrupt is generated, if
Protection Against Lost Data: The product is designed to
prevent the FIFOs from becoming full and overflowing. It is
important to note the only way that data can start to
accumulate in FIFOs is for data to enter the node at a rate
greater than the network data rate. Since data can enter from
the fiber and from the VMEbus, it is possible to exceed these
rates. If the transmit FIFO becomes almost full, a bit in the Status
Register is set. This is an indication to the node’s software that
subsequent WRITEs to the Reflective Memory should be
suspended until the FIFO is less than half-full. Once the transmit
FIFO is almost full, writes to the Reflective Memory will be
acknowledged with an interrupt. No data will be lost.
If the receive FIFO is allowed to become almost full, there is a
danger the receiver FIFO can overflow resulting in data loss. In
order to prevent this situation, the board will not respond to
Read or Write commands which if occurs for a long period of
time will cause the system controller to declare a time out.
Redundant Transfer Mode: The VMIVME-5565 can optionally be
placed in the redundant transfer mode by the removal of a
board jumper shunt. While in the redundant transfer mode, each
packet sent on the network by the transmitter is sent twice,
regardless of the dynamic packet size. The receiving circuitry of
each node on the network evaluates each of the redundant
transfers. If no errors are detected in the first transfer, it is used
to update the onboard memory and the second transfer is
discarded. If, however, the first transfer does contain an error,
the second transfer is used to update the onboard memory
provided it has no transmission error. In the remote chance that
both redundant transfers contain an error, both transfer is used
and the data is completely removed from the network.
The redundant transfer mode greatly reduces the chance that
any data is dropped from the network. However, the redundant
transfer mode also reduces the effective network transfer rates.
The single Lword (4 byte) transfer rate drops to approximately
20 Mbyte/s. The 16 Lword (64 byte) transfer rate drops to the
redundant rate of 87 Mbyte/s.
Network Monitor: There is a bit in the Status Register that can
be used to verify that data is traversing the ring (that is, the ring
is not broken). This can also be used to measure network
VMISFT-RFM2G Network and Shared Memory Driver: The
VMISFT-RFM2G network and shared memory driver provides an
applications program with three convenient methods for
exchanging data among hosts connected to the same RFM
1) Programmed I/O (Peek and Poke): An applications program
can treat the memory on the RFM device as ordinary
memory in which the program can use ordinary load and
store accesses.
2) Direct Memory Access (DMA): Systems where the
performance penalty for individual bus accesses is
unacceptably high, the driver utilizes the DMA feature
available on some RFM devices in order to transfer data in
variable-sized blocks. On UNIX systems, an applications
program uses the familiar 1seek(2)/read(2)/write(2)
system calls to perform the data movement, while on other
operating systems a GE Fanuc Embedded Systems-provided
application program interface (API) is used for data
3) User Interrupts: The VMIPCI-5565 provides three network
interrupts. Any processor can generate an interrupt on any
other node on the network. In addition, any processor can
generate an interrupt on all nodes on the network with a
single register write.
Technical Specifications
Memory Size: 64 or 128 Mbyte
Network Nonredundant Transfer Rate: 43 Mbyte/s (single
longword accesses) to 174 Mbyte/s (64 byte bursts)
Network Redundant Transfer Rate: 20 Mbyte/s (single
longword accesses) to 87 Mbyte/s (64 byte bursts)
VMEbus: This product complies with the VMEbus specification
(ANSI/IEEE STD 1014-1987, IEC 821 and 297), with the following
A32:A24:D32/D16/D08 (EO): Slave: 39/3D:09/0D Form factor: 6U
Multimode Fiber Cable: Small form factor (SFF)
850nm, 970 ft, multimode LC connector
Single Mode: Small form factor (SFF)
1,300nm, single mode, 10km or 6.21 miles

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