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LM185WH1 Datasheet(PDF) 31 Page - LG Semicon Co.,Ltd.

Part No. LM185WH1
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Maker  LG [LG Semicon Co.,Ltd.]

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Product Specification
32 / 32
Liquid Crystal Display
Ver. 1.0
Sep., 10, 2008
9. Precautions
Please pay attention to the followings when you use this TFT LCD module.
9-1. Mounting Precautions
(1) You must mount a module using holes arranged in four corners or four sides.
(2) You should consider the mounting structure so that uneven force (ex. Twisted stress) is
not applied to the Module. And the case on which a module is mounted should have
sufficient strength so that external force is not transmitted directly to the module.
(3) Please attach the surface transparent protective plate to the surface in order to protect
the polarizer. Transparent protective plate should have sufficient strength in order to the
resist external force.
(4) You should adopt radiation structure to satisfy the temperature specification.
(5) Acetic acid type and chlorine type materials for the cover case are not desirable because
the former generates corrosive gas of attacking the polarizer at high temperature and the
latter causes circuit break by electro-chemical reaction.
(6) Do not touch, push or rub the exposed polarizers with glass, tweezers or anything harder
than HB pencil lead. And please do not rub with dust clothes with chemical treatment.
Do not touch the surface of polarizer for bare hand or greasy cloth.
(Some cosmetics are detrimental to the polarizer.)
(7) When the surface becomes dusty, please wipe gently with absorbent cotton or other soft
materials like chamois soaks with petroleum benzene. Normal-hexane is recommended
for cleaning the adhesives used to attach front / rear polarizers. Do not use acetone,
toluene and alcohol because they cause chemical damage to the polarizer.
(8) Wipe off saliva or water drops as soon as possible. Their long time contact with polarizer
causes deformations and color fading.
(9) Do not open the case because inside circuits do not have sufficient strength.
9-2. Operating precautions
(1) The spike noise causes the mis-operation of circuits. It should be lower than following
voltage : V=±200mV(Over and under shoot voltage)
(2) Response time depends on the temperature.(In lower temperature, it becomes longer.)
(3) Brightness depends on the temperature. (In lower temperature, it becomes lower.)
And in lower temperature, response time(required time that brightness is stable after
turned on) becomes longer.
(4) Be careful for condensation at sudden temperature change. Condensation makes damage
to polarizer or electrical contacted parts. And after fading condensation, smear or spot will
(5) When fixed patterns are displayed for a long time, remnant image is likely to occur.
(6) Module has high frequency circuits. Sufficient suppression to the electromagnetic
interference shall be done by system manufacturers. Grounding and shielding methods
may be important to minimized the interference.
(7) Please do not give any mechanical and/or acoustical impact to LCM. Otherwise, LCM can
not be operated its full characteristics perfectly.
(8) A screw which is fastened up the steels should be a machine screw (if not, it causes metal
foreign material and deal LCM a fatal blow)
(9) Please do not set LCD on its edge.

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